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Persistence & fun

LearningPosted by Louise Sand Wed, April 01, 2015 19:39:11

Most language methods tell you they have everything you need to succeed. I don't believe this. As a language learner I have tried all the methods offered in the market, and I have found that many of them are great. But not one of them covers all my learning needs. Having learned 6 languages to fluency I know that language learning is complex and personal. We all need to find our own personal ‘spice'.

I have worked as a language teacher in a class room setting and in a one-on-one business approach. Now I teach via my podcast. No matter how I teach language, the best thing I can do for my students, is to teach from a student's own point of view. I am still a language learner. And I keep learning new things about how to learn.

So what do I believe in? I guess you can sum up my method to this: Learning has to be fun. And a learner has to be persistent. But how can you combine fun with persistence?

In my world, ‘persistence' and ‘fun' are not opposites. They are two pages in the same book.

Persistence is not about doing the same thing all the time. Persistence is about working towards the same goal (fluency) all the time. And off course you get smarter along the way. So, what works for you today, may not work for you tomorrow. I can choose a method and follow it. But I need to add a little extra 'spice', if I want to stay motivated. Maybe today my spice is enjoying the sound of a word I have just heard. And tomorrow my spice may be finding video clips on youtube with people baking cakes in my target language. (And I am certain to learn a lot both searching for it and looking at it!) Or perhaps my 'spice' is doing research about a fascinating industry in my target language. And once I find my spice, I am glued to my language learning again. Voilá - persistence and fun!

In Copenhagencast I want to create a learning experience for my listeners that will allow them to find their own learning style. I hope to inspire you to learn Danish with persistence and having fun during each precious moment dedicated to language learning. Learning a foreign language is a luxury. It is good for your brain (it keeps the little grey cells fit and strong). And it gives you the most wonderful sense of accomplishment once you allow yourself to celebrate each little success along the way.

Enjoy your learning.