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95% give up - be the other 5%

LearningPosted by Louise Sand Fri, October 24, 2014 16:32:08
95% give up before mastering the foreign language they study. You can put yourself among the 5% who succeed. If you understand how your brain works. Your brain wants pleasure. It tells you to have fun. So why not turn learning a language into fun. Why not become addicted? Flash cards is a fast and efficient way to become addicted to learning Danish and becoming fluent.

Only 5 % of those, who start the study of a second language, end up learning it, according to James J. Asher, Ph.D. at San Jose State University. He thinks this has to do with the old fashioned methods employed at most schools. I agree with him. When I tell people, that with our advanced understanding of the brain, you can learn Danish fast and become fluent by carrying out activities you enjoy, they tell me:”I find that hard to believe.” Go ahead and explore everything I have posted for you on this page, and start learning Danish right.

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