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Listen before you read

LearningPosted by Louise Sand Fri, October 24, 2014 16:37:14
Danish is not written like it all! So make sure to listen to the podcast episodes BEFORE you read the Pdf lesson notes. The listening part is so important, when you learn Danish, and if you can master that bit, you are well on your way. Learners often tell me, they have a hard time with pronunciation. This is because they try to pronounce Danish as it is written...and this never works. When I have them reverse the order, it helps tremendously. So do your self a favour and listen FIRST.

And yes, you need to listen to more than just my podcast in order to really learn Danish. Some listeners ask me: How should I listen to Danish? This is not the question. (Quoting Hamlet)…the question is: How MUCH should you listen? And the answer is A LOT! So anything Danish that you can stand listening to for at least 10.000 hours, well anything like that will be fine. You will find live Danish radio programs at It doesn't matter if you listen to football games, radio news, talk shows, music or audio books about how to grow vegetables in your garden. As long as you keep listening. And listen FIRST.

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